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Ch. WenShus Decivive Action at ToyArt- (Harrison). Hi, my name is Donna M. Gerl, my kennel name is WenShu. I bought my first Shih Tzu in 1977 and proceeded to fall in love with the breed and the idea of breeding the very best I could. For me it has always been about the breeding and producing the very best possible. Thankfully along the way I met my very best friend and CO-breeder in many breedings but, not all, Carolyn Michaels. Together and separately we have produced many Champions. Because of health issues I took some time off and did not breed or Show for several years. I returned about 3 years ago and now wish to continue producing the beautiful heads, faces, and temperaments I am known for. Along with my long time friend and CO-Breeder Carolyn, I now have a new friend and a great handler, Corinne Thellman, who will be helping me carry on my dream. I would like to say a special thanks to, Nancy Wills, for allowing me to breed to her Champions and enabling me to produce one of my best Shih Tzus, Ch. WenShus Decisive Action At ToyArt.

So far since I've been back I have produced along with my friends two Champions and a third that just needs a few singles to finish. I have three waiting in the wings to be shown as soon as they and I am ready.

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Ch. WenShus Decisive Action At ToyArt (Harrison) is about as close to my Ideal Shih Tzu as I will probably ever get. Beautiful head, eyes, coat and the best legs I've ever had, Attitude and temperament to die for. Not many Shih Tzus out there that present the lovely picture he does and can move. He is now owned and loved by my friend and handler, Corrine Thellman.

Although I do show, my true love is the breeding, each breeding is carefully considered. All my puppies are hand raised and given as much care and love as I can give. I do not breed a lot and put a lot of thought into my breeding program and make sure I do the best to improve each generation. Not all breedings work out the way you want but we can only try. I breed strictly for myself, for what I want according to the standard of our breed. Those that I do not keep are sold to loving homes on spay, neuter contracts only.

Please feel free to contact me, love to talk about my babies and share pictures. My number is 870-931-7969.

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